Hercules & Buttercup
Sulcata Land Tortoise

Hercules was found several years ago running out of a wooded area that was being burned out for land development. It is our opinion he was let go to live in the woods because he became too large and his owners were irresponsible. We were contacted and brought him here to Jungle Eyes.

Buttercup is a female & came from the pet trade. She was no longer wanted & fed a poor diet. Her & Hercules have lived together for a very long time. We believe either he or she is sterile and do not worry about any eggs being laid.

These are African Spur Thigh Land Tortoise and are not native to the US, originating in African desert areas. Sadly, the exotic pet trade brings them in as hatchling babies. The public has no idea how large they will grow & how much they eat on a daily basis. Males can reach up to 200 lbs & females 150 lbs. Their life span can reach over 100 years!

They are desert animals and require 250 watt heat lamps 24/7 in temperatures below 65%. We have to burn two of these expensive red lights in case one burns out during the night.

Their diets consist of exotic pellets in 25 lb. bags, specifically made for their nutritional needs that they would naturally get in their native habitat. This is very costly, although without it they would become sick & develop weak shells, muscle tone & diseases. We also feed them fresh greens, apples & hay as they are grazers & if allowed would eat your lawn down to nothing in no time!