Gilbert & Oprah
Pig Rescues

These have got to be the biggest, nicest pigs we have ever been around! Gilbert came from a well meaning family that tried to raise him in their backyard. Their subdivision has restrictions against owning such animals and when Gilbert got a little bigger he began to make loud pig noises & smell.

We took him in before he was confiscated by Animal Control. Gilbert's previous owners love him to this day & are very grateful he is safe & happy here at Jungle Eyes.

Oprah was rescued from horrid circumstances. A woman actually raised Oprah & her sister in a bedroom, throwing food scraps on the floor and allowing them to live in a real PIG STY!!!

Both pigs were so over weight that they could not bend their necks down far enough to reach food, so a platform had to be built for them to get to it. We estimated them to weigh approximately 350 lbs. each! They both had to be literally squeezed through doors to get them out of her house and into our trailer.

We put them on a practical diet for weight loss for a long time. Once they lost several pounds we put them on a balanced maintenance diet and closely monitor their weight.

Oprah's sister passed away a couple of years ago and since Gilbert is neutered, she lives with him.